Abbey Shae Bakes is an independently owned and operated, often mobile baking company, specializing in macarons; let me tell you though, the small, scrumptious cookie-like desserts do not last for long. By that I mean, if Abbey Shae Bakes is setup somewhere near you, best arrive EARLY because she will sell out in no time.

Her appearances are announced through the Abbey Shae Bakes Facebook page, and happen rarely enough that I’m constantly watching to see where/when she’ll be set up.

The first time we tried Abbey’s macarons was at this year’s HerdCon; she had prepared both Hello Kitty and Pokemon themed macarons to go with HerdCon’s fandom centric vibe. Needless to say, the Hungry Appalachian was blown away enough to write a whole article about these treats, so they must have been something special…right?

“Special” is an understatement; Abbey Shae Bakes’ macarons are a new top contender for my favorite dessert, especially the salted caramel ones.  The taste of each macaron varies by flavor, but they all have one thing in common: texture.

It starts with a tiny, but noticeable crunch as one’s teeth break the thin outer shell, followed by soft pastry, then the flavored cream filling. When combined these elements result in an ultra light, yet satisfyingly chewy texture, somehow managing to work together while standing out individually.

That’s not to say her flavors are unremarkable, however. As I mentioned, the salted caramel macarons are excellent, but then there’s birthday cake, white chocolate vanilla, strawberries and cream, jelly powdered donut…even Fruity Pebble flavored macarons. Truly, there are no bad options; each macaron is tasty in its own way.

My new favorite flavor though, as of April, is churro. I’m already a fan of cinnamon sugar (and also churros), but I couldn’t help wondering, where had churro flavored macarons been all my life? All the years wasted on Cinnamon Toast Crunch and regular ol’ churros; frankly, theme parks need to step things up.

I could go on forever and ever about Abbey Shae Bakes and how grateful I am to have been opened to the world of macarons, how I no longer want birthday cake, only birthday cake flavored macarons.

Really though we should all just taste for ourselves. After all, Abbey Shae Bakes has the Hungry Appalachian’s full endorsement, and we here at HNN very much look forward to the future of her business.

For more information about when/where Abbey Shae Bakes will be selling next, you can follow

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