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The Stellar Noodle Co. on 4th avenue in Huntington specializes in house made Ramen, topped with fresh ingredients favored by many Ramen enthusiasts: soft boiled eggs, fish cakes, bean sprouts, nori and more.

I feel like I’ve been eating a lot of pasta for these reviews, however, so let’s change up the pace slightly.

About a month ago, I was expressing my love for steamed pork buns to a friend, who then recommended me pork buns served by the Stellar Noodle Co.

My friend made an excellent recommendation, as nothing could have prepared me for the pork Gua Bao; texturally, what a dream. Sweet, glazed pork topped carrots and sesame seeds, resting on a pillowy steamed bun. This team of ingredients complimented one another excellently, melting together and allowing me to fully enjoy the flavor combinations: sweet, smoky, salty.

My only regret? Running out of Gua Bao.

Stellar Noodle Co. also sells soda, some of which are flavored after fruity milk teas — I tried the strawberry milk tea soda, wasn’t disappointed.

All together, I had a really nice experience dining with Stellar Noodle Company. Not only was this a satisfying lunch, but the staff were friendly and helpful, answering every question I had.

Make no mistake, we are not finished with Stellar Noodle Co., but for now I’m grading it a  12/10 for the best steamed buns I’ve ever had.

Want a more in depth review?

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Stellar Noodle Co. is located at 1112 4th Avenue, Huntington, WV 25701

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