Monday, May 1st was the grand opening of Country Grown Cannabis on Fifth Avenue in Huntington. Offering specials to the first twenty people in line, I was lucky to be the very last beneficiary and ended up with half off my purchase.

Country Grown offers the same if not similar products as other dispensaries in Huntington, at a highly competitive rate (offering my usual THC cartridge of choice for fifteen dollars less than my regular dispensary).

The savings I made on opening day were unreal, paying only $27 for what would have normally cost me $75. I wasn’t even planning to buy anything my first trip.

One product I did try, exclusive to Country Grown, is a strain of flower called Hindu Mints. Granted I haven’t consumed a great deal of flower, but was told Hindu Mints compared to my usual brand of flower: Alt Sol Fuel Biscuits.

After just one dose of Hindu Mints I felt clear headed, motivated, and far less anxious. The smell and taste were indeed similar to Fuel Biscuits. Not bad for a $5 gram of flower.

Since opening day I’ve visited Country Grown two more times and registered for their reward points system. I highly recommend (no pun intended) that anyone with a cannabis card check out Country Grown Cannabis.

Country Grown is located at 2689 5th Avenue, Huntington, WV 25702

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