The Marshall University Compost Facility has Herd Dirt compost available for sale at The Wild Ramp. It is selling 40-lb. bags of premium compost for $10, as well as Compost Tea Liquid Soil Amendment for $7.99 per pint and $12.99 per quart.

Marshall is a leader in West Virginia with innovative waste management, with the inception of the Marshall University Compost Facility, which diverts food waste, lawn waste, shredded paper and cardboard from campus that would otherwise go to a landfill and transforms them into premium compost. The compost facility has reduced waste haul spending and the university’s carbon footprint by diverting over 50,000 gallons of food waste and 5 tons of paper from the landfill, resulting in a reduction of 108 net tons of carbon dioxide production.

“Composting organic waste from campus is just one way that Marshall University shows its commitment to sustainability on our campus and in our community,” said Amy Parsons-White, sustainability manager at Marshall. “By purchasing Herd Dirt Premium Compost and Herd Dirt Compost Tea Liquid Soil Amendment, you are helping to naturally enrich your soil, reduce toxins in our environment and remove carbon from the atmosphere, all while supporting our students and staff who work to make this happen.”

Herd Dirt Premium Compost and Herd Dirt Compost Tea Liquid Soil Amendment can be used in vegetable and flower gardens, on houseplants, or on your lawn to amend soil without the use of toxins and promote healthy plant growth.

The Wild Ramp is located at 555 14th St West, Huntington, WV 25704.

In addition to composting, the Sustainability Department also recycles, monitors energy use and operates the Student Garden, Rolling Thunder bike share and the Marshall University Thrift Store. For more information about Marshall’s sustainability efforts, visit

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