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What’s up gang? Trey Cobb here with HNN, reviewing Rocco’s Little Italy on Fourth Avenue in Huntington.

While working as a DJ last Saturday, I overheard some college kids talking about Rocco’s and took it as a sign; immediately following the DJ gig (Mere minutes after daylight savings time advanced our clocks by an hour), I was in my car headed in the direction of Old Main at Marshall, very much looking forward to some late-night Italian food.

Rocco’s was serving its late night menu, consisting of pasta, hoagies, and fried appetizers; beer was available for purchase, as were fountain beverages. Sticking with water, I ordered a pepperoni roll and the chicken Parmesan.

From one table over I could hear someone saying “You’ve never had a pepperoni roll? Don’t get one from here. Here is not good.”

It confuses me why anyone would slander a perfectly good pepperoni roll. Dare I say, Rocco’s makes the best Pepperoni Roll I’ve ever had: simple yet tasty ingredients, crispy crust, perfectly balanced. Just a good ol’ no nonsense bare bones Appalachian delicacy.


As I was ordering, I must have heard three different people reference the chicken Parmesan, so I ordered the chicken Parmesan. The combined aromas of cheese and garlic beckoned to me from the kitchen area; somehow I knew I was smelling my food.

The appetizing scent drew nearer and I was given the tray of pasta from whence it had originated. Ribbons of steam curled upward from the first bite, impaled on my fork.

In just one mouthful I tasted crispy chicken, tender pasta, robust tomato sauce, dripping with Muenster cheese, a nearly sinful combination of satisfying flavors.

In all likelihood, the chicken was frozen and the pasta came from a box. Cooked well? Yes. Cooked fresh? Not so much. Still though, I had very little to complain about as I shoveled down forkful after forkful, soaking up the leftover sauce with the roll I was given on the side (also simply made, yet yummy).


My final score for the late night menu at Rocco’s Little Italy is a 9.75/10

Don’t expect to eat a gourmet meal there, do expect satisfaction, however. The food is quite good.

Rocco’s Little Italy is located at 1345 4th Avenue, Huntington, WV 25701; open Monday thru Thursday 11am-8pm, Fridays 11am-4am, and Saturdays 2pm-4am.

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