Howdy, Huntingtonians. This is Trey Cobb with Huntington News Network; welcome to part two of my food review series, where I go to Huntington businesses and tell you what I think of their food.

This week is a little unconventional because I am reviewing the pancake breakfast at the Wild Ramp in Central City for the coming of West Virginia Maple Days. I figured, who am I to turn down a good old fashioned pancake breakfast? They even had smoked chipotle maple syrup, which I found pretty incredible.

“What a fine looking plate!” I thought, receiving my food. Everything was there.  all (my favorite) food groups represented.

“…but is that enough syrup?” I may have wondered aloud, “Looks like I’m going to have to take some home.” It was rich and smooth, heavy in the cup.

I dove head first into those gorgeous looking pancakes, crispy edges and fluffy in the middle. Combined with that maple syrup, oh my goodness.

I just kept chewing and chewing, and savoring…and chewing, and I made sure that all of it was coated in sticky, sweet syrup.

I didn’t even look the sausage over to determine its ingredients, but it bursted with flavor and paired beautifully with the pure maple syrup. There were only two pieces of sausage, so I was trying to savor it, but it was difficult to control myself.

With the potatoes, I accidentally got syrup on them. Then I decided to do it lumberjack style, embracing the syrup, and took a big bite of syrupy potatoes. Not bad. Quite good actually, sweet and salty. I went right back for a second bite.

Overall, my Maple Days breakfast was basic yet satisfying, turned up to a ten; so it’s getting a 10 out of 10. The potatoes were well seasoned (the smell lingered on my clothes for hours; I wanted more), the sausage was juicy and flavorful, the pancakes were rich and buttery. And yes, I did go home and drink maple syrup from a glass.

Don’t tell Jamie Oliver.

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You can get your own syrup at the Wild Ramp, 555 14th Street West, Huntington WV 25704. I’d definitely recommend a visit to check out their local goods, hot sauces, preserves, and fresh produce.

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