County Commission/County Council
JAN HITE KINGRepublicanCabell
2, 2
Salt Rock, WV1/11/2024
KELLI SOBONYARepublicanCabell
2, 2
Barboursville, WV1/8/2024
Prosecuting Attorney
JASON M. SPEARSRepublicanCabellMilton, WV1/8/2024
DOUG ADAMSRepublicanCabellLesage, WV1/8/2024
GREG LAWSONRepublicanCabellBarboursville, WV1/8/2024
GREGG MULLINSRepublicanCabellBarboursville, WV1/12/2024
IRV JOHNSONRepublicanCabellHuntington, WV1/9/2024
DALE ENOCHS IINo AffiliationCabell
Division 7
Huntington, WV1/12/2024
DAN GOHEENNon PartisanCabell
Division 1
Huntington, WV1/8/2024
DWAYNE GUENon PartisanCabell
Division 1
Barboursville, WV1/26/2024
Division 6
Huntington, WV1/16/2024
RON “BOCKY” MILLERNo AffiliationCabell
Division 2
Barboursville, WV1/12/2024
KIM RICE PREECENon PartisanCabell
Division 7
Huntington, WV1/27/2024
CHRIS SPERRYNon PartisanCabell
Division 5
Barboursville, WV1/10/2024
DANNE J. VANCENon PartisanCabell
Division 3
Barboursville, WV1/9/2024
KIM WOLFENon PartisanCabell
Division 4
Huntington, WV1/8/2024
RICHARD L. “DICK” WILSONRepublicanCabellHuntington, WV1/24/2024
Board Of Education
CHARLES SHAWNo AffiliationCabell
1, 1
Huntington, WV1/12/2024
EVAN TERRYNon PartisanCabell
1, 1
Huntington, WV1/11/2024
LINDA CHILDERSNon PartisanCabell
2, 2
Ona, WV1/23/2024
COY MILLERNon PartisanCabell
2, 2
Barboursville, WV1/22/2024
DAVID OWENSNon PartisanCabell
2, 2
Barboursville, WV1/25/2024
REED BYERSNo AffiliationCabell
3, 3
Huntington, WV1/12/2024
Conservation District Supervisor
KEN BROWNNon PartisanCabellHuntington, WV1/8/2024

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