A new initiative announced Wednesday by Gov. Jim Justice will allow West Virginia residents to keep copies of their vehicle registration as well as their driver’s license on their smartphones.

Starting immediately, residents who renew their car registration online through the DMV’s self service portal can choose to add a digital copy of the form into their smartphone wallet. The new mobile ID initiative — which will allow for driver’s license and other state-issued IDs to be stored on phones — is expected to launch this spring, according to a news release from the governor.

“The Mobile ID will be a game-changer,” said West Virginia DMV Commissioner Everett Frazier in the news release. “It’s secure, convenient, and puts the power of your ID right at your fingertips.”

Per the release, the state will be partnering with software firm Tyler Technologies to implement the new digital services. Officials are also collaborating with law enforcement leaders and technology company IDEMIA to ensure the security of the initiatives.

While electronic copies of documents are already “readily accepted” around West Virginia, according to the release, residents are still advised to carry physical copies of their licenses and registration when traveling out of state or in areas with limited cell service. The digital identifications will be accepted at “participating businesses and government agencies” throughout the state. There is currently no state statute requiring that a business accept a digital identification, however.

Those who want to add their proof of registration to their digital wallets will have the option to download the cards after renewing their registration online. Proponents for the use of digital documents hope they will “limit the need to rummage through glove compartments or worry about misplaced cards.”

“This is a major step forward for the DMV and for West Virginia residents,” Justice said in Wednesday’s release. “It’s convenient and secure, which is what we strive for in state government.”

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