Using the Department of Labor’s own Site Exposure Matrix (SEM) database, we expose the extent of the toxic and radioactive substances present at INCO/Huntington Pilot Plant/Huntington Nickel Plant, located in Huntington, West Virginia.

Where did the radioactive contamination come from?  What can we do about it?

We show you how to navigate and use the Site Exposure Matrix system for yourself, so you can take your power back!
SEM website:

By Bobby L. Vaughn Jr.

• Independent Investigative Journalist • PodCast host, A Call to Actions [on all pod networks] • • Born and raised in the small town of Metropolis, Illinois. Grew up exposing the local Honeywell uranium conversion plant, then began jouney of collaborating with others in providing solutions to radioactive tyranny that festers in U.S. comunities. • Very out-spoken about ethical issues in cutting-edge science and technology • If you are reading this you are The Resistance!

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