Marshall University has a few smaller events leading up to the annual pop culture festival HerdCon’s main event on March 25th. One of these events is “Mario Kart 3D” hosted by Zane Pinson. On Thursday, January 19 at Drinko Library (first floor) starting at 5:30pm, race Zane’s custom designed Mario Kart track.

Zane is a sculpture artist who designs unique track paths according to location space and he builds ramps, bridges, and various set pieces. He provides all gaming equipment necessary to participate in the event so this will be friendly for casual gamers interested in trying something new.

The first Mario Kart Nintendo game dropped in 1992 and has remained wildly popular with series additions ever since. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is an AR mixed reality game where players control their characters with a Nintendo Switch and use the screen to catch stars but the track is taped out on the physical floor of your playing space. Here is a link to watch the official Nintendo overview game trailer:

Herdcon is hosted by the Marshall Libraries and features fun opportunities for cosplay, games, panels, artists, and vendors. Check for further details.

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