History was made Sunday June 11, 2023 when WV Black Pride Foundation hosted its first Black Pride Festival at Magic Island Park. The day was filled with fun events for the whole family throughout the course of the day like open mic, a fashion show, games as well as food.

WV Black Pride Foundation is the first Black LGBTQIA+ organization in the state of West Virginia and offers a variety of services for its community. When you go to their community center you can find resources such as a clothing closet, relaxation space for meditation, peer mentoring and more.

Kasha Snyder-McDonald (she/her), founder and President of WV Black Pride foundation, said that this festival is just one thing off of their to-do list as the organization continues to grow. Kasha said, “At West Virginia Black Pride Foundation we do so much. We actually do whatever is needed of us. If you say we need to have a kids day, then we are going to scratch out a day on the calendar to have a kids day. If you say we need to have a food drive then we are going to scratch out a day for a food drive. Whatever we need to do to bring our community together, West Virginia Black Pride is going to do what other people just talk about.

Kasha hopes that WV Black Pride will be able to expand their programming and provide a safe and judgment free space for anyone who needs it moving forward. Kasha said with a smile, “Look out for us!”

For more information about WV Black Pride Foundation visit them at their website, wvbpfoundation.com, or find them on Facebook and Instagram @wvbp304.

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