By Richard Sperry

Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the silver screen at our beautiful Keith Albee Theatre with the Regional Reels one-day film festival presented by Marshall Artist Series on Saturday, March 4. There will be a post-film discussion after each film including speakers Amanda Page, Tijah Bumgarner, Jena Seiler, Debi Ellis, Alison Gilkey, and Eric Neudel.

The Keith Albee Theatre is located at 925 4th Ave, Huntington, WV 25701

Films featured:

Peerless City

Portsmouth, Ohio was once promoted as the “peerless city,” brimming with industry. Built on the banks of the Ohio River, people came for opportunity. Since then, the city has weathered problems and changed slogans. This film explores how Portsmouth’s regional and community identity has evolved along with the city’s slogans. The central question of the doc is: “what role do these slogans play in constructing the identity (and therefore the narrative) of the place?”

Filmmaker Amanda Page will lead a post-film discussion.

1 hr. 17 mins

SAT. Mar 4th – 12:30 PM

Picture Proof

Picture Proof is a documentary that examines the intergenerational impact of addiction by chronicling the love, labor, loss, and uncertainty of one woman’s struggle to live a life of sobriety. Weaving together moments of glee, fulfillment, acceptance, sorrow, and disappointment, the film takes an intimate look at the bonds that hold one family together and a disease that threatens to tear them apart.

Filmmakers Tijah Bumgarner & Jena Seiler and film participant Debi Ellis will lead a post-film discussion.

2 hrs

SAT. Mar 4th – 2:30 PM

The Wake Up Call

Cabin Creek, WV native Dave Evans was a renowned prosthetist, humanitarian and peace activist. At age 18, Dave lost both legs below the knees during the Vietnam War. He dedicated his post-military career to fitting thousands of people with artificial legs, arms, and hands in conflict zones across the world. He was committed to transforming lives shattered by these seemingly neverending, interchangeable wars. Dave passed away at age 68 in Guatemala in 2020.

Filmmakers Alison Gilkey and Eric Neudel will lead a post-film discussion.

1 hr. 10 mins

SAT. Mar 4th – 5:30 PM

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