By Tre Cobb

Extra tickets are now being sold for a Marshall University hosted TEDx event, exploring the complexities of identity; to be more accurate, the event’s speakers will discuss the complex nature of identity as our lives become more interconnected.

The event has generated much interest in the city of Huntington, necessitating the sale of forty extra tickets to properly meet the attendance demand.

Those forty additional tickets are currently on sale through Wednesday, February 22nd; TEDxMarshallU hosts have advised those interested in attending to purchase tickets while still available. Once the extra forty seats are gone, they’re gone for good.

“Complexities of Identity” will take place February 25th in the Don Morris Room, Memorial Student Center, from 7-9 pm.

Guest speakers will include: Ashalia Aggarwal, Audy Perry, Carmen Mitzi Sinnott, Dr. Hilary Brewster, Kathleen McAuliffe, Rashad Sanders, Razan Khan, and Sassa Wilkes.

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