On Tuesday, February 6th, a groundbreaking ceremony will take place at the Prichard Building to commemorate the partnership of CVS, Cornerstone, and Winterwood construction.

Governor Jim Justice, Sen. Joe Manchin, Mayor Steve Williams, Brad D. Smith, and Pastor Chuck Lawrence will be in attendance.

Groundbreaking begins Tuesday, February 6th at 1:30 PM.

The adaptive reuse and restoration of the Historic Prichard Hotel into a 108 room low-income senior living facility will include an adult day care, Marshall run clinic, and other healthcare and enterprise offices. The aim is revolutionizing geriatric care in our region by centralizing care in the convenient location of downtown Huntington.

From 2010 to 2021, the population over 65 increased by 20% in Cabell County and 25% in West Virginia. Seniors are the fastest growing age group.

Senior Healthcare is critical in a state like WV, where the 65+ population is 21.2%. That’s roughly three percent more than nearby states.

Percentage of Population 65 Years Old and Up (U.S. Census)

21.2% W. Virginia
18.4% Ohio
17.6% Kentucky
17.4% N. Carolina
18.1% Huntington

In the dying sun of dusk we had a chance to catch up with Pastor and members of the Cornerstone Community Development Corporation. https://www.ccdcwv.com/

“[The] first two floors will be commercial space, and the eleven floors above it will be condominium places for a certain age group, and down here below in the basement will be opportunities for endless progress,” says Pastor Chuck Lawrence of Christ Temple Church in Huntington, West Virginia.

Pastor Lawrence made sure to stress the importance of Restoration vs. Renovation, and had a lot to say about our heritage and future. “We have great, great heritage, and believe that this is the first big domino that falls that brings the sparkle back that makes us the Jewel City.”

“It’ll look like it did in the 1940’s”

Pastor Lawrence said that this is a long time coming. It’s obvious that equal parts passion and patience went into this vision.
“[The Prichard building] was the most sought after place to stay, where President Kennedy stays when he comes here, and he stays here as his headquarters… Over the years it was an iconic place, but then as time wore on different things happened, it’s been kinda sad to see what it became. And then, about seven years ago, and a strange set of events happened where we had a little bit of say so… And (we thought) what can we do to flip this around? And how can we flip this around to take it from what I would call it, a detriment, if you would, all the way to something that would make the city greater.”

The facility will also contain an adult daycare facility located in a smaller building running along tenth street. Provided by a State grant, people from all over can join the residents of the building in the community being fostered by the restoration of the Prichard Building.

The $51 Million project is bolstered by a $17 million dollar investment by CVS Health-Aetna. Don Mazza, the Chief Medicare Officer of CVS Health-Aetna, will be in attendance.

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