West Virginia Talent Sean McCracken investigates the disturbing story of the Fifth Street Hitchhiker.

In Huntington, West Virginia there is a stretch of road that looks like any other. it connected the suburban West end of the city with the nearby Interstate 64. Over the years many motorists, especially cab drivers, have reported an unusual occurrence whenever the hour is late and the rain is falling. Almost without fail they describe a well-dressed young woman, too lightly dressed for the weather conditions, standing by the roadway and thumbing for a ride. Those brave enough to oblige report a quiet-spoken young woman who seems wholly unperturbed by the weather and who desires only to be taken to house at the bottom of the hill. At the end of the journey however, the woman is said to disappear without a trace. Some say she is the spirit of a young woman who died in a tragic auto accident on the very day she was married. No one seems to remember her name so cab drivers and other motorists simply took to calling her The 5th Street Hitchhiker.

One thought on “Huntington Ghost Story, “Fifth Street Hitchhiker””
  1. It was on her wedding day many of us who live here know the story. She was to be married on top of the 8th st hill and was hit by another car on 5th st on the way to their wedding.
    P.s 5th St is not in the West end it is east end.

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