Two Hundred construction jobs will be created during the preservation and modernization of the monumental building.

CVS, Christ Temple Church and Marshall Health Network have shook hands on a new agreement on the future of downtown Huntington. Along with over 11 investors, they plan to overhaul the historic building, converting it into a mid-use 108 bed low-income senior center. The first two floors will comprise an in-house healthcare facility and community center. The Pritchard Building joins the ever expanding network of low income senior apartments in West Virginia while providing critical geriatric support.

The Prichard Building

Hospice of Huntington plans to occupy space on the first floor to facilitate a medical day center for aging
adults in conjunction with a new facility the organization is currently developing. “We are excited to see
the transformation of this historic landmark building develop into a hub for excellent senior living and
services,” said Melanie Hall, President and CEO of Hospice of Huntington (Cornerstone Press Release).

The Metro Area Agency on Aging will house a resource and referral space in the building to create
accessible resources to disabled seniors who may have otherwise been unable to utilize this help. When
asked about the project, executive director, Brenda Landers, commented, “We look forward to
encouraging older adults to lead active and healthy lives in dignity and in full enjoyment of their rights
and independence (Cornerstone Press Release).”

Cornerstone Community Development Corporation, comprising of members of the congregation of Christ Temple Church, initiated the project to revitalize the Prichard Building. They began assembling a team of big players in West Virginia’s healthcare field. Pastor Chuck Lawrence, Cornerstone Community Development Corporation President Nikki Thomas, and Marshall President Brad D. Smith have all been major local proponents of the project.

CVS has invested $17 million into this joint venture. CVS, already one of the largest pharmaceutical chains worldwide, already maintains a sizable investment into West Virginia’s populace. Aside from their spread of stores across the state, over 270,000 patients are covered by Aetna, a subdivision of CVS’s health insurance wing.

A bigger player with little fanfare thus far is Marshall Health Network, previously mountain Health Network as of October 2023. The collaboration and rebranding has been headed by Marshall President Brad D. Smith. After Cabell Huntington Hospital bought St. Mary’s in 2014, Mountain Health Network emerged as the parent company, which has grown to include 4 hospitals in the region: Cabell Huntington Hospital, St. Mary’s Medical Center, Hoops Family Children’s Hospital and Rivers Health. This is the latest in a building spree altering Huntington’s landscape delivered by a wing of Marshall’s ever growing influence.

Senior Healthcare is critical in a state like WV, where the 65+ population is 21.2%. That’s roughly three percent more than nearby states.

Percentage of Population 65 Years Old and Up (U.S. Census)

21.2% W. Virginia
18.4% Ohio
17.6% Kentucky
17.4% N. Carolina
18.1% Huntington

Multiple State Representatives have been pulled into the deal, among them Joe Manchin and Bob Plymale, who both express support for the project. The project has cashed in on a grant of undisclosed size.

It is unknown what percentage of the effort and $51 Million can be attributed to each collaborator, but the confirmed amounts are listed.

The Following is a list of project collaborators via the Cornerstone Press Release:
●$17 Million CVS Health
● Aetna
● Pastor Chuck Lawrence & Jamie Lawrence of Christ Temple Church
● Winterwood, Inc.
● Melanie Hall, Hospice of Huntington
● Beth “Buffy” Hammers, CEO, Marshall Health
● Brad Smith, Marshall University President
● Joe Manchin, United States Senator
● Bob Plymale, West Virginia Senator
● Dave Campbell, Executive Director – Healthcare Innovation, Marshall Health Network
● Bob Bennett, Project Manager of Bosse Construction
● Cathy Burns, City of Huntington Manager/CDBG Grant Funding
● Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
● George Carico, Manager – Brownfields Assistance Center at Marshall University
● Downtown Appalachia
● Mike Gioulis, Historic Tax Credit Consultant
● Roger Hughes, Founder of Hughes Architecture
● Jackson Kelly PLLC
● David Leon, Partner – Nelson Mullins
● Metro Area Agency on Aging
● Opportunity Appalachia
● James C. Seiffert, Member – Stites & Harbison
● Jeff Speaks, President of JBS Communications
● U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development
● United States Environmental Protection Agency
● U.S. National Park Service
● West Virginia Housing Development Fund
● West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office
● Mayor Steve Williams, City of Huntington
● Dr. Kevin Yingling, CEO, Marshall Health Network
(Cornerstone+Press+Release (1))

The Prichard Building circa 2023

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