The Marshall Advanced Manufacturing Center (MAMC) has supersized the laser cutting and etching capabilities of its community makerspace with the addition of a larger, more powerful and faster laser.

The Boss LS1630 laser boosts cutting power from 45 watts to 105 watts, meaning it can slice through thicker materials, performing faster cuts and output greater volumes of materials. In fact, the Boss cuts and etches a whole host of materials up to three times faster than traditional consumer-grade lasers.

Its precise CO2-charged laser will cut acrylic, cardboard, fabric, fiber glass, foam, paper, plastic and wood, as well as etch the same materials along with metals such as aluminum, brass, steel, titanium – and even stone such as marble and granite. A rotary attachment even enables the laser to etch cylindrical objects such as water bottles and glass containers.

“Next to the 3D-printing technology, the lasers tend to be the go-to tools for users of our makerspace,” said Kara Mullins, STEM/makerspace coordinator. “Clients have requested access to laser technology that’s more versatile, and with the addition of the Boss, we have delivered. It’s more accurate, faster and features a cutting area up to 15.75” x 29.5”. Should someone need a larger, more powerful laser, our technical services team offers a 4,000-watt laser on our first floor.”

The Boss laser and all technology available in the MAMC makerspace is available for public use Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on a first-come, first-served basis and other times by appointment. Mullins said additional evening and weekend hours are planned to accommodate busy makers’ schedules. Stay tuned for specifics. Contact Mullins at 304.781.1624 or for more information or to get your project started.

“We encourage everyone from business owners and students to hobbyists and crafters to tour the makerspace and learn about the possibilities of all of the technology available for use here,” Mullins said. “Some people don’t realize what they’re capable of making until they understand what’s possible.”

**Press release from Marshall Advanced Manufacturing Center – Dec. 20, 2023

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