HMAF huntington music and arts festival, nordista freeze, west virginia

The Huntington Music and Arts Festival offered a full week of free events ending with a marathon music party at the Ritter Park Amphitheater on September 2nd. This year, festival organizers tried a new arrangement for the early part of the day with a Side Stage built in the parking lot nestled near the many creative arts and craft vendors. By sunset, the grassy amphitheater was covered in picnic blankets and camp chairs full of local folks seeing many familiar faces on stage as well as fun fresh touring acts and some young local first-time HMAF performers. The day was scorching hot in the sun but spirits remained high as the late night party continued at The Loud with additional entertainment including performances from Gyasi, Of The Dell, Appalachiatari, and Charlie Brown Superstar.


Get It Together:

Ginger Wixx:

The Wearing Hands:

Summit Point:

Friendly Fire:

Sam Eplin:

Chocolate 4Wheeler:


Jim Polak:

Main Stage:

Tony From Bowling:

Chelsea Nolan:

Kindred Valley:

Patrick Stanley:

Brad Goodall:

John Haywood:


Glass Diaper:

Nordista Freeze:


Dougie Poole:

William Matheny:

Adeem The Artist:


Festival Attendees & Workers:

The HMAF-ter Party at The Loud:


Of The Dell:

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