A new tattoo shop has opened in Hurricane, WV that provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere for those wanting to customize their flesh. It is easy to think of reasons why visitors might feel better about having “sensitive areas” inked at this all women run shop. Appointments are recommended but walk-ins may be accepted based on availability.

Read our interview below or watch the video version: https://youtu.be/zuUccsl8_VQ

Strange Division Ink

3853-B Teays Valley Road, Hurricane, WV 25526

Shop Phone: 304-767-8755

Savannah Fletcher – Owner, Tattoo Artist

Instagram: @StrangeDivision

Kaylea Morgan – Tattoo Artist

Instagram: @Kaylea.inkantation


Erika: Hi ladies, how’s it going? Do you want to state your name?

Savannah: I’m Savannah, I own Strange Division Ink

Kaylea: I’m Kaylea. I just work here as an artist. This year, I will be tattooing for three years.

E: Fantastic. How’s it been opening this new shop in Hurricane?

S: It’s definitely been a little challenging. I’ve had to learn a lot of things. Not just as an artist, but how to actually run a business- all the ins and outs of things like that. But overall, it’s been pretty exciting. A really, really nice time. I much prefer working for myself than someone else.

K: Yeah, I think it’s been great, especially coming to this new location. It’s cool with the different offices and stuff. It’s been great but yeah, I actually really like working here and especially for Savannah, it’s very nice to relate to your boss. You know, we’re about the same age.

S: We’ve been tattooing the same amount of time, nearly. I mean, we get to learn things from each other. So it’s very nice.

K: Yeah, like learning and bouncing off each other. It’s a good dynamic, love it.

E: Fantastic. Do you think lady clients will be more comfortable getting certain tattoos done here as opposed to a random shop with just some random dude they don’t know?

S: Abso-friggin-lutely! I’ve already had a number of people that have chosen this location because they know that it is just women tattooers that are in here. Such as sternum pieces, you know, most of the time you have to kind of be exposed… you still have pasties and whatnot on. With thigh tattoos, I’ve had female clients tell me about bad times they’ve had getting things up close to this area. So I think that definitely makes a difference.

K: Yeah, absolutely. I think a lot of Lady tattoo clients as well as Lady tattooers are just sticking to the man these days. You know, we’re all lady owned.

S: There are there are ten times more male tattooers around here for sure. I don’t wanna make it ‘that thing’ but like- whenever I’ve asked, “who did you get that from? Or who do you recommend” it’s usually the guys that have been doing it around here forever and ever which I mean, I guess makes sense. But still, it’s usually a fella.

K: It’s usually a fella. Exactly.

S: We have to change that.

K: Yeah, gotta get more girls in here, dude! For sure.

E: Yes, I think there’s definitely something to be said for legacy shops that have been around and are stable. But- I think it’s exciting to have new options from new perspectives and new personalities involved. Could you each give me a quick little rundown of how you might describe your personal art styles or what you kind of gravitate towards doing with your ink?

K: Cool. Yeah, I’d say I go more towards an illustrative style. I like to do more black and gray rather than color. I do love to play with color. I mean, don’t get me wrong, but I really do like to do the black and gray. I specialize in dot work shading, which is like stippling basically, it’s like a bunch of dots that make up the illusion of the shading. So, that’s what I like to do. I like to do a lot of custom stuff. I mean, it’s cool to like bring in something from Pinterest but I’d rather take that idea and turn it on in my own thing, you know what I mean? Rather than copy and paste, basically. So, custom illustrative is what I’d say.

S: I’ll do a little bit of everything except for color, which is probably bad for us. We need somebody in here it does color but I like black and gray typically or just no shading. I do a lot of thin tattoos. I do a lot of the Pinterest-y tattoos… Hard shading, deep shading, friggin’ dot shading, whatever. I mean, usually people do bring me projects and I will turn it into their own thing, my own thing, or just the image that they want. It doesn’t really matter to me though I do prefer to do friggin cool anime tattoos, Gore stuff, that’s awesome.

K: We like a challenge for sure. Yeah, give us the give us the stuff and-  wait, what do we say? “you pick it? We’ll stick it!”

E: Love that! Do you have any tips for someone getting their first tattoo on maybe how to prepare or what to expect?

K: I’d say definitely do your research. Um, people who want ink will get it from anybody anywhere… I’d say, definitely have more of a standard for yourself as far as health and safety. And as far as quality of the work.

S: For sure, for sure.

K: And you definitely have to, you know… it’s like it’s kind of get what you pay for.

S: Get what you pay for. So the frickin I don’t even wanna get into that-

K: Don’t just got for the cheapest thing, I guess.

S: And, like you said, definitely research your artists, like you said they would just go to anybody, whatever what have you to get a tattoo. Make sure that you eat. Make sure you have a decent amount of sleep and you’re not hung over. Sometimes people are under the influence, that can be a good or bad thing. So, definitely don’t do anything like that for your first tattoo.

K: Yeah, and it’s hard to tattoo a drunk person because it thins the blood. It’ll just start pouring! You can’t get tattooed if you’re drunk, kids.

S: Just don’t drink, make sure you get enough sleep, and you’ll be completely fine. It never hurts as much as you think it’s going to hurt for your first one- unless of course you want to get it on your ribs or your neck or something. But really, that’s all you need to know.

K: And trust your artist. Trust your artist. Your artist is called an artist for a reason.

E: It sounds really great that you really value the relationship with your clients and creating a comfortable clean space. I think that’s definitely a number one thing to look out for when you’re scouting a shop. Well, to close it out, what’s the best way to get in contact with you for bookings or to follow you?

K: I’d say definitely my Instagram. I have an art Instagram just for my tattoos. It’s @Kaylea.inkantation. …Incantation- it’s like a spell! Like I’m casting a spell but with ink.

S: The best way to get in contact with me is through frickin social media, Facebook. Instagram is usually the one I’m quickest to answer back to. Instagram is all @StrangeDivision or @StrangeDivisionInk or call the shop.

K: We got a phone!

S: We got a shop phone. Call the shop or just walk in and talk to us.

K: Yeah, just walk in and talk to us. We do take walk-ins. I mean, if we’re both booked up, we can definitely set you up with an appointment right then and there.

E: Fantastic! Thank you so much.

S: Thank you!

K: Yay, thank you.

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