The 2023 Huntington Music & Arts Festival kicked off Monday 8/28 at the Foundry theater, showcasing a large turnout of 17 film submissions. Participants in this stalwart HMAF tradition were given 72 hours and two prompts to create their films. Finishing a 7 minute film in this time frame is a feat in-of-itself, with a wide array of filmmakers from the region. The challenge is organized and presented by Ian Nolte, with judging done by Walter Squire.

Films from this event can be found on the HMAF 72 Hour Film Festival YouTube:

1st place was taken home by “Befriending The Living” from the Brainwrap team. Led by Michael Valentine, who has been chasing this win of the 72 Hour Film Challenge for the better part of a decade, having participated in every one.

You can give “Befriending The Living” a watch right now:

(Kyle Quinn, Wally Dempsey, P.J. Woodard, Bill Bitner, Rachel Allinder, Emily Conzett)

2nd place was taken home by “Sleep Extendr” from the Massing team, Heath Holley and Robb Coleman.

(Tyler Caplinger, Jim Polak, Lillian Adkins, Gavin Grizzle)

3rd place was taken home by “Jesus Take The Wheel” from Drew Burns and crew!

Be sure to check out all the amazing events during HMAF this week:

*The Sockhop with Cutler Station has been moved to Old North Arcade, Thursday 8/31 9pm-12am

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